Flashlamp Driver for Pulsed Lasers


Product Description

PS5070 model flashlamp driver is designed for flashlamp-pumped lasers. Flashlamp driver comprises one or several charging modules, a discharge and simmer module and a control circuit. Such design allows the unit to be operated with the utmost ease and convenience.
PS5070 features microprocessor control and back illuminated LCD display where all output parameters of power supply are conveniently displayed. Driver can be remotely controlled through RS 232, CAN and LAN.

The unit is fitted into a 19” standard housing and may be comfortably mounted in your power supply stands.
The unit is manufactured in conformity with EN61010 and EN55011 standards.


Output power up to 3.2 kJ/s
Output voltage accuracy better than ±0.15 %
Output voltage up to 2500 V
Pulse repetition rate up to 150 Hz
Built-in serial ignition circuit
Built-in simmer power supply
Internal/external triggering
LCD display
Integrated LAN / CAN / RS232

Ordering Information

Ordering code:

  1. Model
  2. Pulse repetition rate, Hz
  3. Charge voltage, in hundreds of Volts
  4. Capacitance C, μF
  5. Inductance L, μH
  6. Number of charging modules

Please indicate following points by inquiry:

  • Flash lamp type (bore diameter, gap length, gas type and pressure)
  • Maximal pulse energy
  • Pulse duration 
  • Maximal pulse repetition rate
  • Mains voltage/phase(s)

Customized orders:
Depending on customer needs, we can produce flashlamp drivers with specific average charging power, output voltage, pulse duration, repetition rate values or/and specific application areas.

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