Ignition Unit


Product Description

Ignition units initiate discharges in flashlamps, such as those used in high energy systems or for a single flashlamp application.

Depending on the model:

maximal output voltage varies from 9-24 kV to more than 40 kV for a channel;
standard quantity range of channels – 1, 9, 14.
uses an internal or external triggering;
with integrated or separate transformer.


Single or multi-channel (standard range of 1, 9 or 14 channels)
output voltage 9-28kV for a single flashlamp igniting
output voltage >40 kV for high energy systems
Internal or external triggering

Ordering Information

Ordering code:

  1. Model
  2. Maximal output voltage fore ach channel, kV
  3. Supply voltage, V
  4. Number of channels
  5. External transformer (if applied)

Please indicate following points by inquiry:

  • Number of channels
  • Maximal output voltage for a channel, kV
  • Supply voltage, V
  • Triggering – Internal/External
  • Polarity – Positive/Negative;

Customized orders:

Depending on customer needs, we can produce Ignition Units with different numbers of channels, output voltage parameters, output voltage polarity.

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